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The office-block persecution affinity.

Monday, September 23, 2002

I like that Phantom Planet song 'Lonely Day' or whatever it's called. But shouldn't they be paying David Garza royalties?

Friday, September 20, 2002

You know, I don't actually want a *lot* of money. I just want to stop worrying about whether I have enough to pay for basic things like food and electricity and coffee from that stand in Aotea Square. Is that so much to ask?

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Ohhhhhh, how very, very disturbing. (Warning: the preceding link is not for those of you at work. There are penises involved. It's well worth a look though.)

And speaking of penises, here's a safe-for-work-perusing list of famous men who still have their foreskins. Does this mean Paul McCartney's the only Beatle who had the chop? How very interesting... and poor Tom Jones. He really needs all the help he can get as apparently his is teeny weeny. (These are the kinds of things you find out while watching Ruby Wax interviewing old groupies at the Playboy mansion.)

Soul song of the day: Archie Bell and the Drells, 'Tighten Up'.'This is Archie Bell and the Drells, from Houston Texas, and we don't hardly sing, but we dance just as good as we walk!' Indeed.

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Just noticed that two blogs in a row mentioned Lego. Odd.

Weird combination day: Museum of Transport and Technology visit (9 foot Darth Vader made entirely of Lego! Rock!) followed by boxing on pay-per-view (11th round knockout!). I'm only posting this because I'm too scared to check and see how badly we're doing in the ICC tournament. At least the Warriors won the league.

My god, what an epiphany. I've finally realised that I've become someone who actively likes watching all kinds of sports. It's been a gradual and bizarre metamorphosis. In high school, I must have 'had my period' three weeks out of four just to avoid PE. How did this happen? It's all Brent's fault. Although the cricket obsession was inherited. And I *still* can't watch a whole soccer match all the way through. (Sorry, Alex, Ian, Dave, Danni, all soccer people... I'm just not evolved enough!) Then again, maybe things haven't changed *that* much - I'm experiencing most of these events from the safety of my couch with a cat on my lap. Exertion - apart from sex and dancing - is for suckers! ;)

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Yeah, that Lego vid was one of the coolest things ever, but check *this* out: 'I've said it once before but it bears repeating now!' Although they could have done a bit more work on Meg, perhaps...

Hey, our boys the D4 and the Datsuns got spreads in August's The Face! Rubbing shoulders with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, no less! Who said nothing good ever came out of the Shore?

There are a few things that make me miss the States, and soul music is one of them. It's virtually untranslateable, the feeling you get driving through the South while listening to music that's so incredibly hopeful and beautiful - and groovy! - in the face of so many odds. I also really want some quesadillas from the Taco Cabana. ;)

I was a bit torn yesterday, too; glad to be away from all the hoopla and the constant niggling fears, but paradoxically a little regretful to be so far from everything. How funny, having spent the last year desperately trying to get home. It's not something you forget. Nor would you want to, I suppose. +

Saturday, September 07, 2002

Ooooooh, I am being very sneaky here... for some reason this computer at the library has a very... *unusual* firewall which thinks Blogger is part of the Auckland City Council intranet. How wondrous! Some industrious library assistant has obviously been beavering away to get around our draconian computer security measures. Now, let's hope no one spills the beans to management... of course, they don't care quite so much when some guy masturbates onto a customer's backpack in the fiction. *That's* somehow OK! (Gary suggested that all library staff be issued with raincoats to protect them from perverts. Of course, then we'd all look like perverts ourselves. What to do?)

Last night I was woken by two cats fighting in our bathroom. One of them was ours - the other was an interloper! Poor Laverne was guarding us to the best of her fluffy ability, but obviously our cat door needs some readjustment. Shirley, wisely, kept out of the fray.