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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Annual Four-Eyed Frenzy

The film festival total stands at a respectable (but not excessive) seventeen this year:

Friday, July 11

Sunday, July 13

Tuesday, July 15

Wednesday, July 16


Thursday, July 17

Friday, July 18


Saturday, July 19

Sunday, July 20

Monday, July 21


Wednesday, July 23

Friday, July 25

Saturday, July 26


Sunday, July 27

Anvil! The Story of Anvil

We are, as usual, heavy on 'documentaries about weird shit' (Tiffany's stalker! Obsessive abusive relationships! Propaganda films from behind the Iron Curtain! Ozploitation movies! The real Spinal Tap!) and 'vintage things you will never otherwise see on the big screen' (The Red Balloon, Errol Flynn's Robin Hood, Harold Lloyd's The Kid Brother). The Lloyd film also has the dubious honour of being Brent's media studies class field trip, which means I am the other supervisory adult trucking in from Otara on a bus with over 20 teenagers to watch a silent movie with an orchestra in a 1929-opulent orientalist movie palace. (By the way, follow that link. The panorama will blow your mind.) B assures me this whole trip is going to be totally fine. Naturally, I'm picturing that scene in The Wire season four, when Bunny takes his teen charges to the fancy restaurant and they all turn sour in an instant. (Yeah, I know, I tend to predict doom too much.)