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Friday, October 19, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why The Pixies Still Rule, As Pondered on the Bus Home Yesterday

1. Black Francis, inevitably
2. Complete invisibility on commercial radio, so they are thereby guaranteed to avoid the edge-blurring sameness of classic rock oldies, forever and ever, amen
3. Kim Deal. Kim Deal. Kim Deal
4. Surf music guitar
5. Cod Espanol a la Peggy Hill
6. Loudness
7. Short songs. I cannot emphasise this enough. Leave them wanting more. Do you know how long 'Allison' is? One minute and seventeen goddamned seconds! Intro, verse, chorus, guitar solo, and they're OUT. I second that emotion!
8. Incest, incomprehensibility, and aliens
9. Singalongability
10. No image problems, because they didn't have one. David Lovering is the biggest dork-dresser of all time. And no one has ever given a fuck, and that is completely awesome


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