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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Let me share with you just a little bit of the joy that is Cheaters. Clip one: the set-up. Please note several Cheaters stalwarts: the music bed is always just a little too loud; there are always some 'tasty licks' from an electric guitar to underpin the hot mess to follow; Joey Greco starts off as a malevolent little cheeseball gremlin (don't worry, he will only get worse). Then there's the voiceover dialogue, which is so marvellously overwritten that it deserves its own parade. Never say 'dog' when you could use 'loyal canine'! Never say 'goes' when you could say 'proceeds to leave the area'! The call for more suckers is also wonderfully worded. 'Exercise your right to be informed': let us exploit you and say that we're helping you out! I also love the way the investigators are apparently 'licensed'. By whom?


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