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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Then clip two: the confrontation! The 'meeting with the client' takes place in the car park of a strip mall (natch). Joey Greco really comes into his own here, with a truly magnificent showing of fake tasteful sympathy, and an underlying (yet terribly obvious) desire to get the money-shot. He's like King Cockroach, with a scuttling film crew of sub-cockroaches. I really love the way the cheatee isn't acting emotionally enough for him, so he attempts to make her more upset by saying something lame about the cheater 'only being honest with his dog'. Way to be, Greco! The actual players in the drama follow the usual pattern: the cheater initially denies, then falls back on apology, then blame; the cheatees start off blaming him, but then predictably round on each other. This clip is a good one because it allows for a thoroughly undignified exit: gather up your wet laundry and carry it away, my friend! Note that Joey Greco hovers around the confrontation, twisting the knife wherever he can in an attempt to make everything more and more dramatic. I particularly like the way he gazes manfully after the car as it takes off: you can tell that he thinks he's looking rather heroic.


At 6:59 am, Anonymous Ben said...

Outstanding. "I'll buy you a house, I'll buy you a car...."


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