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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Frustrated question of the day: how can Houston's local television stations spend *twenty minutes* on *snow in California* and practically *ignore* that fucking tsunami? 'KPRC, where local news comes first!' You ARSEHOLES.

We leave tomorrow morning. Home ho! I hope Ellie remembers who we are.

(Bummed I didn't get to meet Alex and Sonnet, though. Transport and timing were all wrong...)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I'm getting a distinct feeling that National MPs are only listening to a certain subset of their most rabid constituents. The vote on the Civil Unions Bill is Thursday and leader of the National Party, Don Brash (ex-Governor of the Reserve Bank, narrowminded ahistorical race-baiter, etc) is withdrawing his initial support (along with a few others from various parties, including, incredibly, almost-libertarians ACT). This despite the fact that all polls show a majority of the public are in favour of the legislation (including, Dr. Brash might do well to note, fully two-thirds of National Party supporters!). This is like a tinier version of what happens in the States: the religious right-wing have such well-organised campaigns on certain issues that they drown out the less focussed left and moderates. I don't want *my* country held hostage by hateful fundies, dammit. Fuck you, Destiny Church. The Bill will probably still pass by a narrow margin (thanks to Labour's one Muslim MP voting in favour instead of abstaining), but I don't like how close it's getting. (Yes, I *have* written to the 'swing' MPs! If my friend Hannah wants a civil union party with presents and cake and nice frocks, she shall have it, by hokey!)

(Irrelevantly, the bi-annual New Zealand Music Week on bFM always gives me a few joyous retro moments. The Able Tasmans' 'Michael Fay' just came on Russell Brown's Wednesday Wire show... awwww. I loved them in my teens. I even saw their last show ever. Play 'Sour Queen'! Play 'Sour Queen'!)

Last week we went to Sydney to see that intensely heterosexual non-Kiwi, Elvis Costello (hmmm. I was trying to tie the two previous paragraphs to this one, but it appears that that segue didn't really work at all. Never mind. Plus 'Secondary Modern' calls the 'intensely heterosexual' thing into question anyway). 33 songs! Including the delightful Merseybeat version of 'Every Day I Write the Book'! Yay! I still don't understand why he feels compelled to play 'Pump it Up' at every goddamned show, but at least there were two songs from Get Happy!! ('I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down' and 'High Fidelity') and 'Allison' managed to transcend boredom with the inclusion of 'Suspicious Minds'. All the new songs were really terrific. I'm standing by The Delivery Man - it's *way* better than anything he's done for years, and I think the general country/soul theme of the show suited his vocal talents admirably. (You can strain as a country singer and sound beautifully tortured, but do the same thing with Bacharach songs and you just sound like your head is going to explode.) I hadn't been to Sydney since 1988 and Brent had never been at all, so we did a lot of tearing around town staring at views of things. Official verdict: Sydney is really cool and the food is amazing. Although listening to that accent all day every day could drive me bonkers. The Seeeedneeee Haaaabaaaah Breeeeedge. Ack. (Yes, of course I'm ungraciously bitter about that utterly humiliating two-test match cricket drubbing. Need you ask?) Best Australian TV moment: Pauline Hansen ballroom dancing. Thought I would die.

We leave for America on Sunday. I am spazzing out. As usual.