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Friday, September 01, 2006

I can't get over this. Last night, I watched an episode of a television series I love. In one key scene, although it was never spelled out explicitly, two of the characters were clearly high on ecstasy. OK, sure, you say, no big deal, it's been done before... but on *Coronation Street*? That near-fifty-year bastion of TV1? The most popular show with retired folk apart from the nightly news?
Look, the last time anyone took E on Coronation Street, it was Tracy Barlow in 1994, and she had renal failure and had to have a kidney transplanted from her very young stepdad (who later died tragically as the result of a kidney-affecting racist beating, I believe). Message: E is a bad, scary drug destroying our yoof!
Now the message appears to be 'we are very happy for you to get loved-up on telly, but don't confess to your boyfriend that you kissed his boss while high, because it's never as good an idea as it seems, even if you think it's all going to work out well because your judgement is impaired by MDMA'.


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