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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

We are staying here in Sydney next month. It is not charming, or heritage, or designer, or in any way groovy. However, it is cheap and has the added attraction of being 700 metres from the venue, across Hyde Park. None of this public transport and taxi malarkey if you're only in the country for 36 hours!

It was weird going to the American Consulate today. The security guard had a gun. Bush, Powell, and Cheney were grinning disturbingly down at me from the wall, and the consul himself was wearing the kind of khaki pants you only find in the USA. He made me raise my right hand and swear that the information I gave in my passport replacement application was true and correct. I kept laughing, which he seemed to find entertaining.

The Astros' dream run continues. I am stunned. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.


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