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Thursday, October 07, 2004

I have a few things to say about my birthday.

1) I like cake. I like the lovely healthy diet-friendly orange/carrot/banana/semolina cake that Hannah spent so long baking for me. I like the diet-ruining strawberry cheesecake that Brent bought from The Cheesecake Shop and decorated with little '30' candles. Cake! It is unadulterated joy!

2) I like presents. This is self-explanatory, really. Thank you everyone!

3) More unusually, I like fries. I have not had fries since June. I ate them yesterday. Yay.

4) I like my mother, who made me a lovely lamb casserole and a salad with lots of hardboiled eggs in it and didn't even put up her usual egg-lovin' fight when I took them all. Such sacrifice!

This entry has a lot of food in it. Hrm.


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