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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Two dog-related posts in a row is probably inexcusable, but you all have to accept that she is the centre of our universe because we are old and boring. If Ellie socialises well with others at doggy day care tomorrow, she gets to stay here while we are in America in December. For some reason I am nervous about this trial run thing. I am scared she will be too lovingly exuberant and be shunned by some snooty congenitally bored purebreds for wanting to be their bestest bud. Hmmm... project much there, Danielle? :)

UPDATE: It's Friday at noon and I just got a call from the kennel. Ellie is 'not suitable for social kennels' apparently - she's only half-heartedly playing with other dogs and is so stressed out by the whole removal-from-us experience that she is hyperventilating and making circuits of the place trying to escape! My poor baby! We will have to board her in a traditional run-and-kennel based place, I suppose...


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