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Thursday, September 02, 2004

For the past few weeks the Destiny Church has been getting a lot of play in the New Zealand media. They're a fundamentalist crackpot outfit modelled on some of the grossest examples from the USA, complete with an early morning TV witnessing programme and a requirement to tithe 10 percent of your income to the organisation. Their leader, Pastor Brian Tamaki, looks like a cross between George Hamilton and Tom Jones. I've never seen anyone quite so orange in New Zealand before! Anyway, they've been kicking up a stink about the Civil Unions Bill and the legalisation of prostitution, releasing statements and marching on Parliament and what-have-you. Obviously I find this both horrifying (where did all these overly religious pricks come from? Kiwis aren't supposed to care about this shit! We are mostly a nation of agnostics and Anglicans! I suppose he must be getting a lot of support from the Pasifika community, the group who can least afford to give away 10 percent of their income. Nice.) and hilarious (much like the telly preachers we used to watch in Texas and howl with laughter). This campaign of Destiny's has been called 'Enough is Enough'. There are tshirts and various other things centred around this slogan. For the past few weeks I've been feeling that I should be laughing at this for some reason, but it took the bitchy joy of my workmate Anton for me to finally appreciate the gleeful irony of naming a homophobic movement after one of the old-school gay community's biggest anthems. Pastor Brian, are you a big fan of Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand?


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