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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Awwwww. I just noticed that Alex (who has finally fixed his fucking template, thank god - I wasn't going to whine, but I note I wasn't the only one having borderline acid flashbacks reading that thing) has added Husband Brent to his Leftside List O' Blogs. Bless.

Further and explanatorily (word coinage!) to my previous post: I think my problem is that I'm terribly wishy-washy about Very Important Issues. For example, I'll be as adamant as you like about The Essential Lameness of Dave Matthews, because it's obvious and - let's be honest, here - not particularly important. I am reminded of that scene in High Fidelity (both the movie and the book, I think) where Laura says she likes both Marvin Gaye *and* Art Garfunkel, and Rob says that's like liking both the Israelis and the Palestinians, and she responds with 'no, because they're *pop records*'. And the thing is (since that movie is totally My People - if you could combine that film with Topless Women Talk About Their Lives, you would probably have my life story) that I really incline more towards Rob's point of view there, but I know he and I are wrong, essentially. But other things are almost too important to be adamant about - is that the essential Mediocre Historian-ness of my nature? I can see this side, I can see that side, I can work out a vague but ultimately inconclusive position which is worded like a Douglas Adams aphorism. 'War: mostly really bad. Except occasionally when it isn't'. Mostly, I feel ignorant and like my brain is full of cotton wool. I'm the antithesis of incisive. I think I'm fairly gung-ho on the 'Dubya: just this side of special' theory, however. Let me work on this for a while.


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