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Saturday, February 01, 2003

I just saw Casino all the way through for the first time (my initial viewing of the film when it first came out was affected adversely by an unfortunate wine-tasting incident, pre-show. Well, let's be frank: due to my pathetic tolerance, I was drunk off my ass and fell asleep for two hours in the theatre. Not one of my better moments, that). Who is Scorsese's set designer for that film? I am desperate to own the orange pleather stuffed lounge bar and the red and white lounge suite. It also reminded me that I want to spend an evening in the company of Don Rickles. It is one of the great regrets of my life that during our wedding trip to Las Vegas I didn't get to see a Rickles show. He's an old, sassy, senseless, hilariously funny train wreck of a person. Other notes: if I were Ginger, even *if* I was a sad alcoholic also doing 40 eightballs a week: I'm *not* giving Joe Pesci a blowjob. It's just not gonna happen. As Brent is wont to say of particularly errant Jerry Springer guests: if you're gonna cheat, cheat *up*.


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