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Saturday, January 18, 2003

Profound, amazing tiredness, due to one-two-three punch of hiking sanddunes at Bethells Beach at sunset, followed by 16-hour day at the 2003 Big Day Out, then work all day today. Highlights included PJ Harvey (of course), Wilco, a few songs by Chicks on Speed and Machine Gun Fellatio (both funny!) and QOTSA not once, but twice (they played a second later set when the PA crapped out during their first, which was nice of them). Realised I am an old fart as a) I remembered all the lyrics to Jane's Addiction songs although I haven't listened seriously to their albums for over a decade - felt fond and gently reminiscent like a boomer watching a Status Quo reunion show, which I suppose is an appropriate analogy, and b) crowd consisted entirely of extremely tiny brown blonde string-bikini-top wearing 12 year old girls in miniskirts and shirtless high or drunken 15 year old boys with bone carving necklaces who all appeared to genuinely *like* the Deftones. (They *do* suck, right? I'm not insane?) Generally mellow vibe, pleasant weather and only partially sunburned, however. A success.


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