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Saturday, December 21, 2002

OK, so I didn't get the job. However, that may have been the nicest phone call rejection, well, ever. 'We were very impressed by your interview' (were they smoking *crack*?)! 'You did an excellent job on the writing exercises'. 'We're hiring two more writers in July, I would like to keep in contact with you'. 'You made the short short list of four, and we only appointed two'. It was like he was apologising to me for not hiring me! I didn't get the job because I don't know much about the nineteenth century (fair enough. I've always been a twentieth century cultural studies person masquerading as a historian, anyway). Generally, quite pleased. When you make the top one-ish percent of all applications, that's pretty nice. Plus, I don't have to move to Wellington! A great relief, frankly. I've only been home six months... I don't want to have to leave everybody again, even if it is for another city in the same country.


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