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Saturday, October 05, 2002

I have always thought that Alex and I (and by extension, Sonnet and Brent) have some weird similarities. Alex and I were born a month apart. We are both from Anglo-ish cultures (in Alex's case, actually England!) We all love Elvis Costello and the Beatles (has Sonnet been forced to love Elvis? I've never asked her!). Three of the four of us have MAs in history (well, Alex got some big-ass fancy prize for best thesis from UT and Brent and I didn't, but...). Alex immigrated to Texas at the age of seven; I immigrated to Texas at the age of 23. We both married Texans (the aforementioned Brent and Sonnet!), within a year of each other. Then both couples moved long distances away from our former residences, within a month of each other. However, I think that the synchronous nature of our lives reached a pinnacle last week, when unbeknownst to each other, on the *very same day*, Brent and I and Alex and Sonnet *both got puppies*!

It's just plain weird.


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