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Thursday, June 22, 2006

When it comes to the dogs, I try to be responsible. I, with Brent's help, deflea them and worm them and wash them and walk them and take them to the vet regularly. I also, per the law, register them with the local city council, and today the yearly registration bill came in the mail. I haven't paid a separate one for Vinnie before, because when I adopted him from the pound last year the registration fee was included with the adoption/desexing fee, and I didn't know how it all broke down. But I am now very pleased to inform you all that there is a specific value attached to dog genitalia. If you wanted to buy a dog penis, it is worth the princely sum of $39.00, since Vinnie, a desexed male, costs $149.00 - $39.00 more than Ellie, a desexed female. Cry sexism! ('and let slip the dogs of war').
(Actually, I do kind of understand why the council does that. Male dogs *are* more likely to roam, pee and hump on things, and generally be a pain in the arse. But not so much with desexed male dogs. I mean, all they've got is that little... lipstick. The troublesome bollocks are out of the picture.)


At 4:37 am, Anonymous Marika said...

Thanks, thanks for making me think about dog penises at work... thanks.


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