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Friday, June 16, 2006

New Zealand's only real pay-TV service, Sky, introduced a kind of fake Tivo-thing called MySky six months ago. Yesterday, despite the hefty leasing/installation fee, we got it installed (that extra mortgage money came in handy!).

It is now officially the Best Thing Ever. Seriously. My love for it grows with every passing moment. I need never miss another episode of Coronation Street, or Jerry Springer, or that ultra-bitchy UK show about doing up houses and selling them on called Property Ladder, but which Brent and I call All Your Ideas About Everything Suck And Are Completely Wrong. Will I miss the next series of Shameless? No! Will I miss episodes of the Muppet Show due to it being on at the ungodly hour of 12.30am? No! Can I record all the day reruns of the Amazing Race that I missed? Yes! Last night, when we were watching Oprah's 20 Year Anniversary Special (or as we re-christened it, The Incredible Exploding Superego), we were able to *pause live TV just at the moment where Tom Cruise makes his special, horrifyingly scary Scientologist-face and jumps on the couch*! And then rewind it! And play it over and over again, in gales of hysterical laughter!

Sheer joy. I want to cradle the big phallic remote with rubberised grip in my arms and croon to it Lennon-esquely: 'oh my lover, for the first time in my life, myyyyyy eyes are wide open...'


At 6:55 AM, Blogger Yelling From Cars said...

All Your Ideas Suck and Are Completely Wrong is one of my favourite shows. I don't know if it's still on but there is the entrepreneur edition as well, where people pitch business ideas to a panel, who either grant contestants money to launch their business or tell them in grand detail how all their ideas suck and are completely wrong, as well as telling them there is something fundamentally wrong with them personally that will prevent them from succeeding at anything. Brilliant.


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