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Saturday, May 28, 2005


Someone came into our back yard while we were out and took Chico.

I assume it was his original owners - the ones who let him wander the street without a collar with fleas and worms. It would have been nice if they'd come and told us he was theirs, or left a note or something. I don't know.

There's nothing we can really do about it, of course. I know this is an ethically grey area, so we're just going to have to accept that he's gone. At least I got rid of his fleas and worms and got him some vaccinations, so he'll be more protected in the future. And of course if they let him roam again... well, hopefully for his sake they won't, because he could get run over so easily.

Ellie misses her little compadre. We miss him too. He was a real sweetie. Sigh.


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