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Monday, February 02, 2004

Since work is not the best place to download music or video, it's taken me a while to listen to all the Howard Dean remixes. But I want to say this. Bless the internet. Bless it. Bless its little cotton socks, and all the little cotton socks belonging to its denizens, no matter how stanky they are, for I have been laughing helplessly for the last hour and a half. I think the most unlikely work of genius was the almost seamless integration of Dean's Big List o' States with the place names in the godawful 'Kokomo'. 'Key Largo...' 'and MICHIGAN!' 'Montego...' 'and TEXAS!' Yes! Or should that be 'yeaaaagggghhhh'?

Props to Sean for being part of it all. I knew the name The Tom Bosley Experience looked awfully familiar...


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