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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

So much to say about the Golden Globes, but I basically shot my wad by babbling on Sonnet's comments page, and now I feel repetitive and uninspired. Peter Jackson looked really bad, and I wanted to hug him for it. So glad he, personally, finally won something. The 'Hey Ya' intro was *awful*. Why, Dre, why? Why let them use your song? Really liked Nicole Kidman's 20s get-up, particularly as she herself likened it to Salome. I always hate it when celebrities don't know who they're referencing. Speaking of referencing, Gwen Stefani's Kim Novak hair was *wrong*, and J.Lo's Elizabeth Taylor attempt flopped miserably. Sorry, honey, you're nowhere near as beautiful as she was. The worst moment by far was the frankly terrifying tribute to Michael Douglas - for one thing, Sharon Stone is totally nuts, and for another, every single movie he's made since 1978 has sucked ass! It's like he made a solemn *vow* to suck after The China Syndrome. So then they had to talk up all these awful cheesy films as if they were some kind of coherent artistic achievement. Worst/most hilarious moment of the entire scenario was the oh-so-subtle microphone height change from Stone to Devito. Bwaha! Best speeches by far: Bill Murray ('so many people are trying to take credit for this I wouldn't even know where to start') and Ricky Gervais ('see that little guy? this is for him, yeah'). Yay.

(Oh, and even though RotK won for best song, the theme from The School of Rock was robbed by not even being *nominated*. That's a terrific song, dammit.)


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