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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Russell Brown says: 'The Democrats, currently bickering amongst themselves, have a duty to the rest of us to pick the candidate who can beat Bush. And such is the stupidity and denial now playing so handsomely in parts of the US electorate, that I seriously think they should consider something as banal as simple good looks (physical height helps presidents get elected too) - which would lean them towards Edwards. Can't decide, guys? Do us a favour and just pick the pretty one.'

Isn't it depressing to agree wholeheartedly with this assertion? Democracy, whatever. At this point, policy doesn't really even matter. Bush just needs to *go*, and the way to remove him is to have a tall, handsome, clean-shaven white guy in a blue suit and a red tie answering questions on TV calmly and nicely and repetitively.

Sigh. I feel old and cynical.


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