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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I'm sorry, but it's just *embarrassing* to publish an article this retarded. There are so many ridiculous assertions in it that I'm at a loss to know where to begin. Sure, the patriarchy has collapsed! Sure, there are just as many faked clitoral orgasms as vaginal ones (she bases this on precisely *no* evidence). Sure, '[n]o one loses control, loses track of where they are, forgets that music is playing, screams, or weeps, when someone performs oral sex on them'. Speak for yourself, lady! (Apart from the weeping. That's just lame. :)) Sure, the poor itty bitty men are having a crisis because they no longer have any 'authority'. Diddums. I mean, *Jesus frigging Christ*. What the hell was the feminist movement *for* if forty years later we're left with garbage like *this*?

I likes me my lipstick. But I'm sure as shit not going down this postfeminist bullshit road. There are women in the world who still get their vaginas sewn up. They get stoned to death for touching some dude's hand. Millions of them don't have access to reproductive choice. Most women *still* get paid the worst and laid off first. And some idiotic middle class jerk is going to sell them out by bemoaning the sad state of sexual affairs for confused American manhood? Fuck you, lady. Seriously.

Yeah, I know. It's in the 'Sex' part of Salon, and it's just an opinion piece, and my whole life is based on similar ephemeral trivia and idiotic arguments. But the Perspective Fairy is a cruel mistress when you get her going. ;)


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