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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I was telling Brent the other day that I think I need a great big Perspective Fairy to come down and slap me upside the head every now and then. A person who hovered over you and when you started spazzing out about smallish things, came down to your level and floated in front of you and said 'OI! The Holocaust, you ning-nong!' or other usefully insulting exclamations like that. If there *was* such a thing as a Perspective Fairy, I think it would wear a top hat. Don't you? Some kind of imposing costume, at least.

This morning my mother's friend Beryl, who only just discovered three weeks ago that she has a brain tumour, had to rush her 30something son to the hospital where they discovered that he has Hodgkins Disease. They will have to go to chemotherapy together - and that's the *good* scenario. *That's* the Perspective Fairy's work, right there. Thanks, PF.


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