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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Goodnight Kiwi

When I was a kid, staying up long enough to see the Goodnight Kiwi (which signalled the end of broadcasting for the night, Americans) was a sign of true decadence. The sound of this little theme tune is like someone gently massaging a nostalgia lobe. I even feel sleepy when I hear it.

(I also love that there's a tiny amount of completely unexpected NZ-retro stuff on YouTube.)


At 1:26 pm, Anonymous TJ said...

Goodnight from channel 2?? What about all night-infomercials? Where can I learn all about the George Foreman grill?

At 7:57 pm, Anonymous sean said...

OK now this is bizarre. I was searching for the old tom bosley on the intertron and went to my friend Mel's band page... saw she had a link to her video on youtube, and on that page was none other than The Goodnight Kiwi (on which our song Studfinger is somewhat based).

So more self obsessedness down the track and I find your 2004 post about Howard Dean and us putting an entry in to the remixes. Yay! Whereupon I decide upon finding out if your blog is still current... and not only is it but about 3 down the page... this.

Of course it's solipsistic to assume coincidences are anything more than that. But... dang!


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