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Friday, March 18, 2005

Russell Brown's readership takes on the 'why are we expats?' challenge! I was greatly tempted to write something to him myself about the Great Kiwi Exodus issue (one in four of those of us with university qualifications live elsewhere, as recently reported by the horrified Herald), but time got away on me and I'm sure that most of what I wanted to say was covered by these worthy folk. I'm one of the many reverse expats and my return home has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. As someone with a very oddly mixed background with strong ties to two countries, this is the kind of thing I ponder a lot (maybe too much?). I think my time in the US - which was also very positive, don't get me wrong - made my appreciation for NZ that much more finely honed. Yes, our society can be lame and dorky and spazzy and navel-gazing and ridiculous, but it can also be kind and progressive and unique, and we're still small enough and young enough for every person to feel like they're a significant part of our future direction. So even though we have shitty wages, that's cool with me. And I don't want to get all crystal-waving-hippie-shit on anyone, but this place is so goddamned beautiful and there are beaches everywhere and lovely 20th century architecture and travelling through these islands in any direction gazing at vistas makes me as happy as larry, it honestly does. (Yes, I'm mentally a very boring retiree. Your point?)

Someone across the street at a party is bellowing out a drunken haka (ah, quietly romantic New Zealand, nestled in the South Seas!) and whatever train of thought I had has gone... so, in sum: going other places is good. Coming home is good too. Um, yeah.

(PS I have to say that the thought of not seeing some people in America for years at a time does upset me. Aunt Wanda and Uncle Ted and everyone in Simmesport, among others... yeah, that's a bummer. Maybe our wages *could* stand to be a little higher after all...)


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