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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Last Saturday at Rach's partybus extravaganza, between charmingly understated drunken renditions of 'The Candyman' and 'The Power of Love', I had a moment of quiet reflection about how impressive Joel's transition from female to male has been. I know it was quite difficult at the beginning for a lot of people; I mean, despite trying to be totally supportive, my brain would automatically 'she/her' when I spoke and it was a real effort to retrain myself. (It shows you how brain-ingrained gender is as a social construct, too.) Now, though, Joel is really 'he/him' to me when I think, not just when I speak... which is great. All his efforts 'ain't been in vain fur nuthin'', as Lina Lamont would say. Yay Joel.

(That was the only halfway coherent thought I had that entire inebriated day, so obviously I had to share it.)


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