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Friday, February 04, 2005

Several notes:

1. 'Lovely Rita' is the best song on Sgt Pepper. Yes it is. It's true.
2. A few days ago, I noticed that a recent Blender we have lying around the house had a big spread on U2's greatest albums in which the writer made the argument that The Joshua Tree was a recovery from their ill-advised foray into blues with Rattle and Hum. Now, I am not even a fan of U2 and I know that The Joshua Tree was the album *before* Rattle and Hum. How did this dude get into journalism and, more importantly, how did this get past his editor?
3. Fake iPod song count: 4099.
4. Number of Elvis Costello songs on the fake iPod: 350+ (number inexact as I believe a few tracks are labelled wrongly). Yikes. I think he needs to stop reissuing his albums. I'm running out of drive space.
5. Number of films listed in 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die that I have actually seen: 306. I need to step it up!
5. I'm going to start a list of songs whose meanings have changed utterly for me due to being inextricably mentally associated with films or scenes from films. The first two are:

'Ooh La La' by the Faces, which is now and will always be the soundtrack to Max Fischer dancing with his teacher at his Vietnam play after-party. (Cue rewatching Rushmore for the 20th time...)

'Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta' by the Geto Boys, which should not be funny but is and always will be because it is the soundtrack to Samir, Michael Bolton and Peter beating the crap out of their office printer in the middle of a field. Oh, Office Space, you are flawed but I love you so, so much. (Another reason to love this movie: it has inspired a number of people to go up to the real Michael Bolton and call him a 'no talent ass-clown'. Yes!!)

Righto then.

Shitty Blender update: on the page following the U2 error, they get Kelly and Michelle of Destiny's Child mixed up. Yes, Kelly grew her hair. That does not make her Michelle. Sheesh.

Please be aware that I am off to Invercargill tomorrow for a week with my mother and aunt to visit Great Auntie Bet, armed solely with a mobile phone to keep me in contact with civilisation. I expect to make quite a lot of cups of tea.


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