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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Awwww. Awwww! My regular semi-creepy webstalking of various people just turned up this very sweet post from Simon, a man of too many impressive musical achievements (check him out!) to adequately list here - *and* the only other Kiwi ever on the Elvis Costello discussion list with me! (As I recall we were both part of a tiny but vocal electronic-music-defending minority... they can be a tough room when it comes to drum machines, those singer-songwriter obsessives...) Anyway, in reciprocal fashion I'd like to let Simon know that I still remember him making my day in 1998 when I was listening to his 95bfm show via webcast and he dedicated a song to the one person in his audience who was living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Thanks. I was homesick and you really cheered me up.

It's all about the love today, folks.


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