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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Note for those of you with Playstations: kicking ass in Singstar is harder than you think! Because it rewards complete replication of the original track, you can't really bring it in full dorky uber-emoting karaoke styles the way you normally would. And the most successful songs to sing, karaoke-wise, are often surprising. For example, Elton John ('Don't Go Breaking My Heart') and fake Elton John (the Scissor Sisters) were pretty damn delightful, whereas other songs you might be really excited to sing end up being a bit... bung. It's odd. (Yes, I've probably devoted entirely too much time to pondering this issue.)

Thank goodness the American Music Awards are finally showing here tonight. I just got to see Anna Nicole Smith's awesome meltdown! Woo! 'Do you like my boooooooohdy?'


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