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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Brent and I got married three years ago today! (So, coincidentally, did Lawrence and Vanessa. Woo!) I was looking at the photos this afternoon and was struck by how, if you look closely, our supposedly 'solemn' vow-taking shot has captured our desperation in trying not to laugh at our weird faux-televangelist Las Vegas minister. Hee!

It's very hard to avoid massive dollops of soppy cheese on days like these. I will limit myself to telling you just one reason why my husband rules: although he is so funny and irreverent, he is also unfailingly polite and kind to and respectful of and interested in the conversation of older people. He talks and cackles away with my mother for hours, and is always entertained - or pretends to be - by the lengthy pontifications of my Irish grandfather. I know he thinks feisty little old ladies, in general, are the coolest, and loves to tell stories about them. (Thank you, Granny.) You can literally take him anywhere to talk to anyone, because he's such a sweet, people-oriented person.

That may seem like a weird or trivial thing to describe. But it means a lot to me.

OK, /sappiness!


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