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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I've thought this for some time, but I might as well make it official. The worst lyric *ever*. Ever ever ever. EVER. Is by Noel Gallagher. (Please note that I am not an Oasis-hatah. I like those first two albums a lot. They have a nice singalong sneery quality that cannot be denied.) But have you ever really thought about the lyrics to 'Go Let it Out'? It's this line, really, that forms most of the 'ooooof' doom-laden cringemaking horrendousness:

Life is precocious, in a most peculiar way

I mean, *Jesus Christ*. It not only doesn't mean anything *at all*, it has the audacity to *think* that it means something! And then it's followed by this horrah:

Sister psychosis don't have a lot to say

The hell???

The worst part of it all is that the song itself is really catchy. And that particular couplet is so laughably bad that it sticks in the mind long after the rest of the song is gone. So you can find yourself humming along to these, The Worst Lyrics Ever (tm), if you're not pretty bloody careful.


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