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Friday, July 02, 2004

Supergrass is 10! And that's our latest DVD purchase. We watched most of the two hour documentary last night. They all came across so nice and well adjusted and funny that I was almost suspicious. Musicians so heavily influenced by mods, punk and glam shouldn't be charmingly self-deprecating. It goes against everything I've come to expect! And I'm sure there were a lot more delusions of grandeur and arguments and dodginess than the film lets on, but basically I just felt warm and fuzzy throughout the entire thing, with regular bouts of hysterical laughter at all the wacky antics. Yay. I hope this retrospective thing doesn't inspire them to record two utterly naff decline-and-fall albums and break up and then do lots of utterly naff solo work. Fingers crossed, as I have been a fan since 1995 and spent many many evenings in Texas blasting them at enormous volume because Brent and Gary also loved them so much. I have a lot invested!

(Afterwards Brent and I were trying to think of members of other bands who came out of the Britpop era who come across well in interviews, and decided it all came down to senses of humour. Damon Albarn: a tosser, frankly. (Did you see Live Forever? Ack.) Louise from Sleeper and Justine from Elastica: both overserious wankers. Richard Ashcroft: oh dear. Oasis have some glimmerings, particularly Noel, but Liam is just unintentionally funny. We came up with Jarvis Cocker in the end.)


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