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Friday, June 25, 2004

Give me a C! Give me an i! Give me a v! Give me an '-il Unions Bill'! In other words, it passed the initial vote. I, of course, can't believe that it was even in doubt, or that all these scary fundies seem to have wormed their way out of the woodwork to rail against it. We legalised prostitution with less fanfare! We have a postoperative transsexual MP! Come on, people! It's a crisis to give gay and de facto people some community property rights? Fingers crossed for the success of the Act itself, anyway.

Unrelated old-school moment of the week: I passed a girl sniffing glue outside the public library the other day. Yes, glue. Out of a plastic bag. Just like the 80s! It's a bit sad when glue-sniffing is charmingly retro, I realise, but we live in a crystal meth society now, and I haven't seen that for over fifteen years. Wow.


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