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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

(Parenthetically, this new blogger interface is jazzy. Not that you guys can see it, but trust me, it is.)

I think it's about time I shared a few thoughts about current television joy.

1. Coronation Street showed its first gay kiss last night. It was rebuffed rather angrily, but it's OK! I have been reading ahead on UK sites (yes, I am lame) and have discovered that Todd *will* find love! Although not with his angrily homophobic but very pretty live-in girlfriend's brother, perhaps. Bad move there, homeslice. Aren't you thinking of poor Saaaaaa-rah and Bethany?

2. Unintentional hilarity section: The Apprentice. One of my main prerequisites for truly enjoying any reality television is profound hatred for all the show's 'cast members'. (There must be some exception to this rule, but in terms of trashy entertainment, I can't think of one.) This show fulfils my requirement to overflowing, and it's only the second episode. God, I absolutely HATE these people! I hate Donald Trump! I hate his hair! I hate his flunkies! I hate the weaselly little fuckers, both male and female, who uncritically yearn to sell their souls to the corporate juggernaut! And they're all so *lame*! So deeply, deeply lame! And as if the *premise* of the show wasn't retarded enough, the *execution* of that premise is totally inconsistent and insane! I am reminded of nothing so much as America's Next Top Model, in which the 'judges' basically bitch at everyone involved and seemingly choose someone to eliminate at random, but pretend that there are valid reasons for their removal. And then there's the time-honoured 'old-switcheroo' maneuvre, in which the person you'd *think* would go (dude who fell asleep under the whiteboard, anyone?) is kept on at the last minute, while the person who *thinks* he's safe is out on his ear! Ahhhhhh, it's all so stupid, and directing my scorn to the screen fills me with such glorious warmth...

3. Intentional hilarity section: Arrested Development. Please don't be cancelled! You are far, far too funny to die! If I hadn't seen David Cross play the same sexually ambiguous fey dork several times on Mr. Show, it would be perfect. And let's face it, I would watch David Cross doing just about anything several times over, because he's hilarious. (Whither Bob Odenkirk, the true genius of Mr. Show?) Best line of last night's episode: 'Everyone's riding, and smiling, and cornholing... except Buster!' Just having a character called Buster is worth a lot to me.


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