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Monday, May 03, 2004

To the little thieving bastard or bastards who stole our car stereo from our garage last night while we were sleeping: you suck. Big donkey balls. Now we have to pay several hundred dollars to replace our nice MP3-playing car stereo which was only a year old, and our insurance excess is so high that it's hardly worth using it. AND we're going to end up being those annoying fucking wankers on the street with a car alarm. On an average-condition eleven-year-old car! I hope you're happy that you've increased noise pollution immeasurably in our neighbourhood, because those bloody things go off *all the time*. But now we have to have one because of you. I am sending snotty karma your way, arsehole.

(It is, however, kind of amusing that Ellie slept at our feet right through the entire exercise. Watchdog, schmatchdog. Although now I'm a little worried about the contents of our house.)


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