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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I just can't seem to get organised. I need to do several things, including: send a VERY late birthday present and a Xmas gift to one Ms Sprecher; send Ms McKimmey something I found for her a few weeks back and never got to the post office with; send Dr Whaley something cheesy and wondrous from NZ, along with the Rain soundtrack (I have yet to post a picture of the cactus lamp she sent me, but it is the bombay); make my house look slightly less like a slagheap of blankets and magazines (quick! name the Costello song!); prepare our miniscule spare room for my lovely guests; organise presents for husband, mother, famille in general; organise the rest of the accommodation and activities for the South Island trip; submit our resource consent to the council; find an outfit for Xmas gatherings; organise to actually see my friends at some point.... GAH. This is all too much.


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