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Monday, November 10, 2003

During the weekend, I watched a documentary about skinheads called '100% White'. A photographer had taken photos ten years ago of a tight-knit gang of British skinheads, and he tracked three of them down and interviewed them about those old times and how their political beliefs had affected their lives and the lives of those around them. All of them had toned down their rhetoric in order to fit in with (relatively) mainstream society, but they were still amazingly racist - especially considering certain bizarre facts, like one of them having a very close black friend, or another actually having a sexual relationship with a 'half-caste' woman (this man actually had '100% white' tattooed around his navel). The former chap said that he no longer felt the same way about black people as a result of his friendship, but he still wanted to send all Pakistanis 'home' and was very twitchy about gay men. It was all quite, quite odd. And they were all so *angry*! The third man was in three different kinds of anger management therapy by the time the documentary was finished... yet he still felt that he couldn't comfortably start group therapy in case he was in a group with a black man or a gay man.

People waste a lot of time hating each other, don't they?


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