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Sunday, November 02, 2003

I am about to create the uncoolest sentence written by anyone ever in the history of western civilisation. Are you ready?

I saw The Manhattan Transfer on Friday night, and I thought they were terrific.

Now, I saw them because it was a birthday present for my mother and *she* wanted to see them. But I was totally won over! Yeah, on record they're cheesy and derivative and all the modern conceptual jazz stuff is horribly wanky, yeah, if you love the Pied Pipers and the Mills Brothers so much why don't you just go and *listen* to them rather than ripping them off, yeah, yeah, I know... but it has to be said: the live version of 'The Boy from New York City' kicked veritable ass! Seriously! And where else are you going to hear a gorgeously four-part harmonised 'Embraceable You' with the entire Auckland Philharmonia? No, I'm going to have to say I enjoyed it. A lot. I am irredeemably dorky.


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