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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I wish to thank the Academy:

Brent for my lovely teacup and sandwich plate/CD/DVD/cheesecake/card complete with Enola Gay artwork!
Danni for the gorgeous handbag from the UK and a tear-inducing card *and* a text. What a lovely girl.
Siobhan for the text and the phone call and the email and the card *and* part of the aforementioned handbag - covering all bases!
My mother for my blonde tresses and the vouchers with which to buy 'expensive trousers!'
Aunt Diane for the food package. I've never had caviar before!
Cousin Rachelle for my triangular blue plate with the korus.
Grandad for the usual monetary contribution.
Rachael (of joy!) for Mr. Rourke.
Kat for bangles.
Greg and Carol for the beady bracelet.
Jacqui for the hilarious 'Life is fun when you're always off your tits' card.
Lauren for the teatowel.
Everyone generally for cards, wishes, shoutouts (thank you Carol and Marika and Alex and Sonnet and Marie!), appearances at various gatherings, and general beatific-ness.

Bless you all. :)


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