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Monday, April 28, 2003

About a month ago, I saw the New Zealand film Rain on telly. It was good, if a bit predictable plot-wise. (They're spending a summer at the beach in the 70s and the protagonist has an preternaturally mature but incredibly cute little brother learning to swim. What do *you* think happens to him? Yeah. Not very obvious, is it?) The reason I'm writing about it is because I think we have another candidate for a 'story of my life' movie here - like Dazed and Confused for Brent. Achingly, *achingly* familiar stuff. I kept poking Brent and saying 'I had one of those kiddie's basket chairs!' and 'look, pint milk bottles! I remember when they cost 20 cents and were delivered to the gate!' I know exactly how that little seaside bach *smelled*. The song on the soundtrack which truly brought all this home to me was Sherbet's 'Howzat'. I'd completely forgotten about it until I heard it playing over a party scene. It wasn't really like a punch in the stomach, but it was a bit like an insistent poke in the arm. 'Hey! Remember me? I'm a hit song about a cheating lover which is *cricket-themed*!' Dan was telling me recently that he's been downloading songs which can't be defended using any aesthetic criteria, but which bring back his childhood incredibly vividly. (I can't possibly tell you the one he confessed to me. The innocent need to be protected.) 'Howzat' is like that. It's everything that's bad about the 70s... and yet I love it, deeply. Sample lyric: 'You messed about, I caught you out, howzat!' Awful, isn't it? Have a go on Kazaa, that's where I found it. Wallow in my cheesy childhood. :)


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