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Thursday, August 25, 2005

OK, this whole silence thing is getting ridiculous. But let's review: there was a film festival, and we adopted a second (second) dog, and that dog ate my glasses, and I cried, and then my insurance paid for new glasses, and they're awesome, so I stopped crying, and we waited and waited and waited for our building consent, and it actually came, and so my spirit stopped being broken and started reviving itself, and I also applied to do a diploma in publishing, and I got in, and now I'm doing two classes as well as this whole full time work thing, and I am very busy, and our house is a giant mess, and Danni came back from the UK for two and a half months, and I love her so much that it's very depressing to think about her going away again, and our builder Warren actually started building the house on Tuesday (!) and we went to Tauranga for a 21st, and Brent had his first cheerio and his first asparagus roll, and Danni and her mum and I went to the Otara markets, and they rocked, and Brent and I saw The Roots, and they also rocked, and my dog has an allergy to a plant called 'wandering jew', which is weird, and the Noisy Girls had a tenth anniversary dinner, and it was very fun, and, and and and.



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